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Dr Sai Krishna B Naidu 0 to 86 Calls in 4 Months

Client: Dr Sai Krishna B Naidu

Services Offered

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization


Dr. Sai Krishna B Naidu is one of the best Orthopedics Consultants in Bangalore, Dr. Sai Krishna has made himself a name as Ortho Specialist in PRP Therapy, Joint Replacement, All Inside ACL Technique, Sports Injuries and more.

The existing digital market is highly competitive with total matching search results numbering 2000+ in Google alone for all terms in the initial organic SEO Campaign

Market Competition:

Competitor includes numerous strong sites like “practo.com”, “lybrate.com”, “fortisbangalore.com”, “sakraworldhospital.com”, “narayanahealth.org”, “manipalhospitals.com” and many others with years of site age and a wide range of inbound links.

Project Goal:

Dr. Sai Krishna, the Orthopedic Doctor wanted appointments to be increased for his practice over the call and through their other online media like website and social profiles. Also to gain a cutting edge over his local competitors, he had the requirement to increase their Google My Business presence. 

Also had to generate inquiries from potential patients through an online search for “Orthopedic Specialist in Bangalore” and maintain the reputation for the Google Profile organically and he got in touch with Doctors Clinik for Web Strategy and a full-spectrum SEO Campaign.

The doctor’s goal was to get on top of the major keywords like:

  • Orthospecialist
  • Ortho specialist
  • Ortho Specialist in Bangalore
  • Orthopedic Doctor in Bangalore

And other relevant keywords and utilize organic search (SEO) to increase market share and lead volume.

Tasks & Challenges:

  • Keyword research for effective Internet Marketing
  • Content marketing as per customer’s queries
  • Make the website SEO-friendly to get crawled frequently
  • Optimize the targeted keywords in Major Search Engines
  • Achieve Rankings for keywords searchers use online
  • Increase the ROI of their Business

Time frame:

The project was under the trial plan for 6 months, after the initial success, the project was upgraded with more keywords and is still an ongoing project at Doctors Clinik


Google My Business:

To ensure that the NAP (Name, Area, and Phone Number) was consistent across the web, we had to synch from over 50+ directories. Through this Dr. Sai Krishna’s business information was uniform across all online business profile media, which allowed customers to reach the business accurately.

To inform the users about the services that are performed we posted two photos per week. Publishing posts once per week, and uploading practice awareness images enabled potential customers to know more about Dr. Sai Krishna’s practice area.

Since Google favors reviews for search engine optimization we made sure that the patients are kind enough to leave a review by prioritizing the review management in a timely manner.


About 4 months, we started noticing the increase in reach of our Google My Business listing. So we could assume that the increase in traffic to our listing is a result of our effort to amplify our small business local listing.

We started getting 5-6 scheduled appointments or phone calls for services on good days from various sources like Google Local search, google maps, and other social media. Also noted is that  “Call you” isn’t always accurate, because some people call from another phone by copying the number or manually punching the contact number.

The Google My Business “message” feature also made sure we get 4-5 direct leads to a registered cell phone. Several visitors landing on the website were even productive by resulting in the scheduled appointment or an email for the required service and many visitors returned back to the website on later days to book an appointment or find more information.

Total actions increased 184 in 6 months, 52 of those actions were people requesting directions, and 86 of those actions were visitors had punch call you. 

We had no doubt that our effort resulted in more visibility for our business listing where we got a total of 29,500 views in a quarter out of which 21,800 views for Listing on Google Search and around 7,680 views from Listing on Google Maps.  


The Link building for SEO Campaign started in October 2021, as a result of significant jumps in ranking in the first month, the client went forward with a 6-month SEO contract.

SEO team at Doctors Clinik developed promotional materials like Banners, Infographics, did Content marketing and optimized for inbound links, integrated and promoted strategic social channels, and executed some quality Link baits and other ethical Link Building strategies to achieve rankings and drive traffic.


After 6 months of Web promotion and SEO Strategy, we got the following results on inbound traffic.

Rank Report: Below Keywords are well optimized for the Client’s website and are ranking in Top 10 i.e. the first page of Google.com

  • Orthospecialist – #1
  • Ortho specialist – #2
  • Ortho Specialist in Bangalore – #1
  • Orthopedic Doctor in Bangalore – #2


Our business has a lot of rivals. There are handfuls, if not many SEO agencies and website specialists inside a 25-50 km range. While we have been doing business for right around 5 years and buckling down on our own search promoting for doctors and healthcare, the competition is furious. 

Getting a couple of additional calls every week is a huge deal for us, we don’t take up each new client except if they are a solid match for us, and genuinely believe we can help them.

It can be analyzed that the Web presence of www.orthospecialist.in got stronger with the Doctors Clinik’s Digital Marketing campaign. Organic Channels i.e. traffic from Search Engines have contributed as the main source.

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