We’re Focus on Continuous Conversion Rate Optimization To Ensure that your website converts the traffic

From landing pages to full website optimization, our website design service makes sure we continuously increase your ROI

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We Find Opportunities To Increase Conversions Everywhere, Based On What We’ve Learned From our 100+ Clients Daily optimizations to continue supporting your growth. We’re focusing on the details that will increase your revenue and your ROI.

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We’ll Perform All The Daily Tasks Needed To Improve

Your Conversion Rate Optimization  Anything we’re missing? Let us know and we’ll make sure it’s part of your custom marketing plan.

Your Conversion Rate Optimization  Anything we’re missing? Let us know and we’ll make sure it’s part of your custom marketing plan.

Get Custom Tailored Your Conversion Rates Go Up, We’ll Improve Your Other Marketing Channels Too

We’ll follow your brand guidelines or improve them while continuing to improve your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes DoctorsClinik unique?

We are the only agency that looks at ALL the big levers of your customer acquisition strategy, from before the click to after the click. This holistic framework allows us to apply our proven process to diagnose, prescribe, implement and iterate solutions laid out in our comprehensive Free Marketing Plan that address the root causes of underperforming acquisition strategies. With world-class subject matter experts behind creative, traffic, and funnel optimization, you are getting the best-of-the-best of customer acquisition talent to unlock your business potential.

2. What kind of clients do you work with?

We’ve gotten great results for businesses that are focused on lead gen, high-volume lead gen, high-ticket info businesses, and businesses that are a blend of both ecommerce and information/leadgen.

3. What does getting started look like?

The best place to start is requesting a Free Marketing Plan for your business which will identify the biggest levers that can unlock your business potential. Should we then agree to work with each other, we’d schedule an onboarding call(s) where you’d meet the team who’d be working with you to review and implement the strategic growth plan. We require a 120 day initial period of working with each other once we start – this is because it takes time, effort and patience to implement our game-changing strategies.

4. What does it cost?

Our fee schedule is based on the recommendations (prescriptions) made via the Free Marketing Plan. This can be different for every customer because it really depends on your unique business’s needs. No, we are not the cheapest agency on the market. Yes, we are worth every penny that we ask for!

5. Who will handle the creative and ad copy?

This is a valid question that comes up again and again – and for good reason. One of the most complicated parts of advertising is having to spin up new creative on a whim. Luckily, here at DoctorsClinik, we have a world-class copy and creative team that is here to whip up scripts, ad copy, videos, gifs, images, you name it, our creative team has it covered! And what’s even better, is we use proprietary systems to not only create, but to perpetually iterate creative and copy on your behalf. That way, you’ll never ‘run out’ of ideas or new creatives.

6. What about tracking woes? Does DoctorsClinik have someone on-staff that’s versed in tracking?

With all of the new privacy updates & restrictions, issues with attribution, and limitations on tracking, this is often one of the most challenging parts of marketing. Being able to measure marketing impact is so crucial to your business’ success. DoctorsClinik has an entire Data Science Team dedicated to getting everything set up right the first time around. Our Data Science team closely monitors your accounts day in and day out to ensure when and if something goes wrong, we know ASAP and are able to promptly remedy the problem.

7. Am I at an ideal size yet to work with DoctorsClinik?

Here at DoctorsClinik, we work with a wide variety of businesses, and slightly larger businesses tend to see the strongest impact and value.

To this question we say, ask for your Free Marketing Plan and we’ll let you know if we’re the right fit for each other,

8. How do you work with clients? What kind of interaction will I get?

We pride ourselves on treating our customers just as we would our own team members.

When you choose to work with DoctorsClinik, you’ll not only have access to some of the highest quality media buyers, creative strategists, conversion architects, and data scientists on earth, but you’ll also gain access to your very own Customer Success Manager. This is your go-to person that advocates FOR YOU in our company and ensures you’re happier than ever with our outputs.

9. What if I don’t have a “working funnel”?

Well believe it or not, you wouldn’t be alone! Most customers come into DoctorsClinik without funnels OR they come in with funnels that aren’t optimized or simply don’t work at all.

This is the reason we offer full funnel-building services. This is the service we designed to create funnels that generate cold-hard-cash for your business and expertly optimize your landing pages and sales funnels.

10. What kind of results will I get?

This question will vary greatly on the type of business you have, the demand for your product/service in your field, and your willingness to test out new ideas and concepts. The clients who enjoy the most success with us are the ones that have a collaborative mindset, take ownership of things they need to, and play the long game.

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